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ASL is your silver lining to guide you through the cloud computing world

Updated: Jun 8, 2020

Previously working for management consulting firms, we have seen quite a bit. Companies growing too fast, poor decision making, large overheads, etc. When the wheels come off the wagon, companies pay us to clean up the mess and firefight. Typically, we see the same themes among these companies. If proper processes and technology were in place, if financial information were interpreted accurately- millions of dollars could have been saved. But companies only want to do what they are good at, and often neglect other aspects deemed as lower priority. With the introduction of SAAS and cloud computing, we quickly saw the opportunity for SMEs to have the same resources as MNCs, without having to fork out huge amounts of investment capital. Moreover, what really got us going was the fact that these savings can be realised immediately. Without the huge investment, streamlining of operations and outsourcing have proven to be extremely cost effective. As cloud computing continue to dominate the business world, let us be your silver lining.

Yours Sincerely,

Team ASL


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