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We tried the Gather Town platform for our remote team lunch and we love it!

Updated: Nov 17, 2021

With work from home as the default, it became increasingly difficult to think of fun ways that our team could come together and hang out. We tried Gather Town for the first time today and we loved it!

Gather Town is centered around fully customizable spaces that allows our team interactions that are similar to real life.

3 memorable moments:

- When Vaishna got lost at sea and we used the whiteboard to brain storm ideas on how to get her back on the boat

- When Jessica stealthily started decorating the area and building chairs for everyone to sit

- When Michael locked all of us out on the deck and we were stuck in the bunkers finding a way to get out

It was a much needed respite from the year end accounting stress!

Check Gather Town out, we enjoyed it and hope you do too.

- Team ASL


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